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Hi, my name is C-chan, and I am a musical theatre geek.

I'm also a geek of a few other kinds -- I'm "clinically gifted", love anime and manga, and... can do some pretty dorky things from time to time.

I started referring to myswelf as an MT geek in highschool. Which ended up with me being claimed in the name of Spain more times than I can count. XD

But yes. This journal, I plan to use for all my geeky, geeky needs. Geeeeky, geeeeky neeeeeeeeds. That are musical theatre-related, at least. =P (All non-musical theatre stuff will go on either my lj or dw ([personal profile] box_of_doom or [livejournal.com profile] box_of_doom).

Will start posting my geektasticyness soon~!
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